Ian C


Ian C is recognised by most in the industry as a leader in his profession – He has constantly adapted and developed his craft as a world class musician and producer. He has an Artist Agreement with brand leaders Roland UK, contributes to the blog of clothing company Bench, has residencies with the worlds best clubbing institutions and he’s always developing ideas in the studio with both audio and video projects in progress (including his new project ‘Iskrenne’ with Pier Bucci), as well as guest spots, collaborations and session work across the globe.

“Being asked by Josie to write and perform the music for ‘and the question remains’ has been a huge honour and something that I am very proud to be a part of.”

Ian continues to set the standard for the 21st Century artist – Don’t take our word for it:

“I never practice with Ian, never. I listened to him play in El Salon. He is the first percussionist to not get over the track and disturb the record. When he has to be silent he is silent. The way he keeps the beat is like a machine and melody with percussion is something I have not heard before. He is a humble guy to work with, I am pleased to know him and work with him.” DJ Alfredo

Source: Facebook Page

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